What to expect as a live-in carer

16 Mar 2019

Being a carer is a versatile and flexible occupation. Live-in carers, in particular, face many challenges but are also responsible for greatly improving the quality of life of elderly people.

Freedom and comfort for our patients

Live-in care is just one of our private home care jobs at Saga Care at home. As a carer, you will be expected to live with your patient, providing full home support. This service is designed to help elderly people remain safe in their houses while retaining their freedom. Patients with chronic illnesses such as dementia respond better to continuity and familiar surroundings, and our private home care jobs can help in this direction.

The daily duties of a live-in carer

Everyday tasks of a live-in carer will include general chores such as light housework and shopping or other errands. You will assist our clients with their personal hygiene and ensure they take their medication on time. You will also provide recreational support and, in some cases, you may be asked to accompany our clients on social events or help them with their hobbies. The preparation and cooking of nutritious meals using fresh ingredients is also an important aspect of providing high-quality live-in care through Saga Care at Home. Please be aware, that in some cases, our clients may wish to be involved to some extent in any of these activities, while at other times, they will want to rely entirely on you to handle all the workload.

Qualities of Saga live-in carers

If you are reliable, flexible, caring, friendly, and have a genuine enthusiasm for working with elderly people, then you could become a great Saga live-in carer. Our live-in carers not only provide consistent and high standard services through their home care jobs but also have a desire to make people’s lives different by adapting to the changing needs of their clients.

Are live-in carers on call 24/7?

If you wish to work as a live-in carer, you will be expected to be at home most of the time, but you will also have time to yourself during the day. You are also expected to help if a problem arises at night, but if the client requires more attention overnight, we will assign a dedicated night carer.

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