We are passionate about what we do, and we take the time to listen to what you have to say, helping us achieve the quality of care that you deserve. We also make sure our carers are properly looked after.

See what our current carers and clients have to say about us!

Our care service has been designed to help anyone, regardless of their health, to keep living the life they want, and our carers are known for their compassion and empathy and for always going that extra mile to provide the best quality care.

In January 2019, our clients surveyed scored us 9/10 that they would recommend us to friends or family. 100% stated that they feel the care received enables them to have a better quality of life and 95% stated that our carers are polite and courteous to our clients, and treat them with respect and dignity. This is something we are very proud of and want to maintain.

A selection of customer comments (January 2019)

  • "The carers are all very good, with their individual personalities. They treat Dad as their own Dad."
  • "Since the care started my Mother's home now looks like the well cared for home she had before she became severely impaired."
  • "All staff are courteous and helpful."

A selection of customer comments (April 2018)

  • "Have had Saga for 4 weeks and a great improvement on our previous supplier."
  • "The team are very well organised and do what is on the plan and often a little extra."
  • "Highly recommended and the care is what we would expect from this service."

A selection of customer comments (October 2017)

  • “Fantastic service by all carers at all times, they're always on time.”
  • “I am very pleased with the service provided.”
  • “Carers and office staff are like our second family.”

A selection of customer comments (February 2017)

  • "I am pleased and impressed with your service and I find the carers most co-operative and helpful."
  • "I have found the service invaluable with my post-op recovery.”
  • "I’m perfectly satisfied with your service."

A selection of customer comments (October 2016)

  • “Overall the quality of care has been very good.”
  • “The standard of care we receive is kind and satisfactory.”
  • “I am happy with the service provided, All my carers have been very willing and understanding.”

A selection of customer comments (July 2016)

  • “I am very impressed with the carers and feel the benefit of their help..”
  • “The quality of care my mum receives is excellent..”
  • “The carers were excellent... I would strongly recommend Saga.”

A selection of customer comments (April 2016)

  • “We haven’t been let down in any respect and have found the carers to be very good.”
  • “Couldn’t live in the house without the support of the carers. Very good service.”
  • “Very happy overall with the service the carers provide.”

A selection of customer comments (January 2016)

  • “Saga is the best care company I have had.”
  • “A cheerful and efficient service provided on each visit.”
  • “Carers always willing to help. V polite and caring.”
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